Ex-Babysitter Sues Game, Cites Defamation

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07.25.13 10 Comments

Game may want to watch his mouth when he’s using social media because he might just f*ck around and get sued. Oops, too late!

The California rapper is being sued for defamation by his ex-babysitter Karen Monroe. According to Monroe, Jayceon f*cked with her livelihood when he hopped on Instagram last month and made slanderous allegations against her. Along with her picture, Game wrote “Beware if this person is watching your children, she is a very dangerous baby sitter.” And then he got real detailed as to why she’s an alleged piece of gross sh*t: “She was BUSTED having sex with her then boyfriend and leaving a used condom & the wrapper in my daughter’s room!!!” I’m not a parent but that sounds like something I wouldn’t want either.

Since the postings, Monroe says she’s received death threats and her inability to work has caused her to become depressed.

Pics: Instagram, HotNewHipHop

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