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11.29.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Ex-NFL Star Lawrence Taylor Hit With Sex Trafficking Lawsuit [News One]

Machine Gun Kelly Talks DMX & Drake [Respect]

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Apple Nipping at Target’s Heels for Fourth Most-Visited Site on Black Friday [All Things Digital]

The Ten Athletes I Will Always Stan For [The Sports Fan Journal]

10 of the Greatest Comic Book Video Games [Gamma Squad]

What Kind Of Man Buys A Tote Bag? [H1gher Learning]

7 Popular Songs That Are Too Rapey [Buzzfeed]

Use Your iPhone’s Headset to Take Pictures From Afar [Lifehacker]

The Original Ending to ‘The Muppets’ Was Much Better [Moviefone]

‘Community’ Wins TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorite Poll [AOL TV]

Brace Yourself, You’re About To Like Tyler Perry [Pajiba]

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