The iPod Shuffle – Fabo & Young Jeezy’s “Spaceships On Bankhead”

08.12.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

Fabo’s “Spaceships On Bankhead” was already staple by the time 2006 was coming to a close. When a still-very-much at the peak of his popularity Young Jeezy unveiled his version on the I Am The Street Dream tape that same summer? We’re talking the song elevating to another stratosphere, especially be the time summer 2007 rolled around.

Regardless of feelings on a 2013 Jeezy, there’s not enough shade in the world capable enough of making the “Spaceships On Bankhead (Remix)” any less enjoyable seven years later. Go ahead and try not to get “geek’d up” when rapping The Snowman’s part. I triple dog dare you.

“I said I’m higher than a mothafucka, right now
I’ll shoot a nigga dead in his shit, right now
They thought about a law, but I don’t see how
Pull up in my car, and the bitches like WOW!”


That’s how I imagine every Atlanta club when this song came on.

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