Fabolous Lives Out His Dark Twisted Fantasy

12.13.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Nigel D.

Fabolous: Who taught you how to kiss your man all the subtle with your tongue tasting like honeysuckle and candy-coated yams?

Amber Rose: Yeezy taught me.

Fabolous: I mean d-d-d-daaaamn girl. I need to cop a beat from him or something. We had a lot of fun doing that Banks’ record. Ah, why is your flow glowing though? Is it…on?

Just some random hearsay heard around the gossip mill. On the professional tip, Loso decides to squeeze a little more juice out of this summer’s TINC2: Grieving Music release and Ms. Rose is the perfect Bonnie to his unsuspecting Clyde. Cinematic and sexy; Loso needs to shoot a movie. Oh…wait…um…nevermind.

Fun Fact: The wig she’s wearing is a leftover from she and Kanye used to play dress-up.

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