Facebook Buys Instagram For A Billion Bucks

04.09.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

Instagram coming to Android devices* seemed like humongous news last week, but that was only the tip of the iceberg it seems. Mark Zuckerberg just announced the news that “we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook.” According to USA Today, the price for Zuckenberg and Faceook? A cool $1 billion in cash and shares as part of a deal expected to close later this quarter

Good move for both parties? Or too much movement at once for Instagram? Is there a bubble burst impending? If Apple diehards were up in arms about losing exclusivity, I’m sure they’re suicidal in the face of Zuck’s announcement.

*There are better photo apps for Android out there…but all your cool friends aren’t using them.

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