‘Fading Gigolo’ Is About Woody Allen As A Pimp And Sofia Vergara Paying For Sex

08.14.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

sofia vergara fading gigolo movie

So, the plot of Fading Gigolo seems pretty straightforward: excellent character actor John Turturro – who also wrote and directed the flick – is a male prostitute, and Woody Allen is his pimp. The duo seduces cougars like Sharon Stone (who, get ready for this, is age 55) and Sofia Vergara. And since we’re on the topic of everybody’s favorite Colombian, let’s take the time to remind ourselves of Sofia’s awesome skill-set.

The movie could hit theaters soon (hard to predict with film festival releases), and could be a very funny flick in its own right. But right now, the names attached are more than enough to inspire some interest.

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