“Fake Versace” Is The Only “Versace” Remix You Need

07.20.13 4 years ago 26 Comments

Is it too early to say “Migos, this is your career?” Probably, but calling the following video “the funniest thing you’ll see today” is a safe assumption. There’s always a possibility of Tracy McGrady punching another fan in the chest before the clock strikes 12, though. Let’s say all bets are off if T-Mac meets the deadline, OK? Alright.*

Here we have Broken Equipment Productions roasting ‘Versace’ like only they can. There’s no need to spoil the jokes and talk about how grateful I am for not having “Versace” fatigue. Just know this video is one of BEP’s funniest parodies yet and prepare your lungs for the laughs ahead. Juile J. agrees.

*Lawd, please let this happen.

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