“Fake Versace” Is The Only “Versace” Remix You Need

Is it too early to say “Migos, this is your career?” Probably, but calling the following video “the funniest thing you’ll see today” is a safe assumption. There’s always a possibility of Tracy McGrady punching another fan in the chest before the clock strikes 12, though. Let’s say all bets are off if T-Mac meets the deadline, OK? Alright.*

Here we have Broken Equipment Productions roasting ‘Versace’ like only they can. There’s no need to spoil the jokes and talk about how grateful I am for not having “Versace” fatigue. Just know this video is one of BEP’s funniest parodies yet and prepare your lungs for the laughs ahead. Juile J. agrees.

*Lawd, please let this happen.

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