Fam-Lay – “Skrung Out” Video

04.13.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Fam-Lay has always been a personal favorite, if only because people from his part of VA sound almost exactly like people from DC. Before Wale shook his dreads into the mainstream, Fam’s exaggerated drawl represented the closest thing I had to a hometown hero. “Skrung Owt,” replete with horror movie nightmare sequence synths and tinny electronic snares, is one the best beats of the darker Neptunes’ era that was perfected with The Clipse’s seminal Hell Hath No Fury. Add to that Fam-Lay’s nonchalant arrogance and you have what is, in my biased as hell opinion, pretty damn close to a flawless song.

Now, some six years later, KarmaloopTV, with director Shomi Patwary manages to improve on perfection with a simple and mildly disturbing video for the track. Gucci shearlings, gold teeth, round asses in liquid leggings, and blood red beverages are just a few of the images framing what looks like the best house party ever. I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

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