Our Bodies Are Ready For ‘Far Cry 4’ After Watching This Trailer

06.11.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

Trading a lush tropical backdrop for something more beige and acid-washed, Far Cry 4 looks to take the formula that made its predecessor such a success and expand. Taking place in a Himalayan village, Ubisoft’s latest – shown off at E3, naturally – sees protagonist Ajay Gahle visiting his recently deceased mother’s birth village in an attempt to fulfill her dying wish of having her ashes spread. It all goes incredibly well, and nobody gets hurt.


As is always the case, sh*t goes to sh*t, thanks to a healthy supply of thugs with guns. Of course they’re pawns to a charismatic baddie, Pagan Min, who looks and sounds like the spiritual successor of Far Cry 3‘s Vaas Montenegro. But don’t think that the fine folks at Ubisoft are going to make you do this thing alone; details are scarce, but in addition to some nifty powers and abilities, this looks to be the first entry in the series to support online co-op throughout the main campaign. Enjoy the gameplay trailer and be on the lookout when this thing hits consoles November 18th.

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