The Far East Movement Is Superior

07.17.10 7 years ago 47 Comments

I’m putting it out there: Far East Movement might be my new favorite group of 2010.

Since being engulfed by their anti-sobriety anthem “Fly Like A G6” the other night during an uncharacteristic trip to the discotheque, this surprisingly-under-the radar-group has become my new Chromeo, circa 2007. An unlikely pairing of musicians, in this case three unassuming Asian rappers who make some of the most fun music on the market, who happen to swoop in and fulfill every and any urge to groove my body requires with one single song.

And, if the bouncy bass of “G6″s private plane party wasn’t enough, further research has opened the floodgates for more scorchers like “Girls On The Dance Floor” and “Dance Like Michael Jackson.”

Obviously geared for slutty chicks and red-plastic-cup-holders in general, the homies might give you a side eye for listening to these blatant Black Eyed Peas wannabes, but the truth of the matter is hese beats are killing most making the rounds on radio. Hook this three-man factory of future funk up with someone like Flo-Rida or Akon and the hits would be writing themselves.

Listen to these guys before you hate them. You will not regret it.

Download — Far East Movement Feat. The Cataracs & Dev – “Fly Like A G6”

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