Here’s A Quick, Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide For Procrastinators Everywhere

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Everybody Hates Driving

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We know how it is. Time’s winding down before Father’s Day and you still haven’t figured out what to get the old man yet. There’s always a card or phone call, another pair of socks or that tie he’ll never wear in this lifetime. But why not get dad a present that he’ll enjoy and know you put time into deciding upon?

With that in mind, we put together a quick Father’s Day gift guide of last minute options for all of the procrastinators out there. With our suggestions, there’s a good chance you can benefit in the use of them as well, which equals a win-win for all involved.

George Dickel Barrel Select

You can’t just get dad a regular drink for Father’s Day. He’s got to have a man’s drink and this brand would put hair on any pop’s chest. The vanilla and caramel tones make the drink pop something fierce. Splash some coke in there and you’re golden. (Buy)

Weber Jumbo Joe Father's Day Gift Guide

Weber Jumbo Joe portable grill

It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day occurs at the start of BBQ season. Chances are your old man (or you) will be outside at some point during the day, whipping up ribs, dogs and more. In the case that outside includes travel, Weber’s Jumbo Joe is portable but provides 18 inches of grilling space to feed even the largest group. And it’s charcoal and won’t break the bank. Here’s to hoping you enjoy the outdoors. Dad’s now going to be outside all summer long. (Buy)


Seagate Central

Grade-A nerd out with this piece of hardware. The Central is a wireless hard drive that also provides a cloud to allow you to access your files remotely from any device. So you can stream movies on long road trips to keep the kids occupied while trying to drive in peace. (Buy)

Playstation 4 Pre-Order

This is simply the must-have gift to have later in the year. Pre-sales just went out so sending him the confirmation e-mail that you’ve made the order would make his heart sing. You don’t have to pay the whole $400, but putting something on it is a good look. (Buy)

Heat - Spurs - NBA Finals

Game 5 Of The NBA Finals

Well, you can’t actually give him Game 5. But you can leave the damn house, take the kids and let him watch in peace. If you’d like, you can just give dad $60 to go to a local bar and watch the game away from the noise and distractions. Or fix some nachos and a pizza and let him enjoy one of the last NBA games of the season.

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