FatKidsBrotha – “Discreet” Video

02.16.14 4 years ago

Being somewhat secretive and borderline shady about stuff is pretty fun. I enjoy it. The best way to avoid answering a nosy person’s question? Respond with, “You’re asking too many questions,” especially when they’ve only asked one question. Try it, and you’ll be amazed at the response. Ever since my guy Chase said that to me, my life changed for the better.

Clearly, I’ve of the opinion that less is more, so I can relate to what the duo of FatKidsBrotha are talking about in “Discreet.” Part of the young, energetic collective of Two9 in Atlanta, they’re wise beyond their years.

In fact,* the Atlanta collective of Two9 has done such a good job at being discreet and mysterious, now they’re rolling out a documentary series in February, which they’ve deemed as Two9 month for obvious reasons, appropriately called Two-9 History Part 1.

From FatKidsBrotha’s Eastside Paradise II mixtape, downloadable here.

*Another fun fact is that yours truly happens to be born on the same day as Two9.

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