Fearce Vill – “Final Goodbye” Video

06.18.14 3 years ago

Fearce Vill - Final Goodbye video lead

Many of us saw certain loved ones leave for greener pastures, but were simply too young to understand the magnitude of the loss. Yet, over time and stories with family, the impact from those unforgotten souls finally settles into realization and a new found appreciation is earned. In an effort to ensure his own loved ones live on forever, Fearce Vill delivers his video for “Final Goodbye.”

Featuring potent rhymes from the former member of Seattle’s non-defunct Dyme Def crew and eclectic production from Bean One, the track plays like a sonic sigh of relief.

With the weight of guilt finally off his shoulders, Fearce speaks wholeheartedly on the passing of both his older brother and grandfather, lamenting on not having enough foresight to cherish his time with them while they were still around and also why it took so long to understand that. Given the hard-hitting content, Vill picked an appropriate song title and we’re sure the song’s recipients couldn’t be happier with what he had to say.

Support Fearce Vill’s positive movement and cop the track on iTunes.

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