On How I Fell For Nike Air Max

07.01.14 4 years ago 11 Comments


Shoes and music have always been “my things” in life. Through a lot of different phases, changes and the like, those two hobbies-turned-loves have remained constant and always kept my interest in them at a high.

And the two have led me thru so many different adventures (and misadventures) that I couldn’t narrow it down to one when Finish Line invited me to share “My Air Max love story.” So instead of one, I chatted up several different models that I’ve probably bought more than my fair share of over the years and there have been…a lot.

Many thanks to Mr. Brando, Nick and the digital team at Finish Line for allowing me to be a part of not just this series but with so many different, engaging experiences and initiatives for 2014. It’s cool to work with companies and brands, but it’s even better to work with cool people who share the same passions and respect that you do, too.

Extra thanks to the young gunner Cake Master for working with me on the photos, too. He did an amazing job of helping on this one.

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