“Fin.” – Crooked I Hip-Hop Weekly #52

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“If nothing else, this series stands as what?…Proof!”

From the jump, I was not at all approving of the whole idea of a weekly freestyle from Crooked I. I had two main problems. Firstly, much as I did like Crook as a rapper, I had never heard him do anything consistently enough and was adamant that after week 5 he would begin becoming repetitive and redundant, adding him to my already overcrowded shitlist. Secondly, I was sure he would tire the audience out before week 11 was up.

As expected, I have met a select skeptic population who are intensely fatigued of this man’s weekly drops. But I’ve met so many more that have found a new favorite rapper, and developed a new ritual centered around his Wednesday visits.

I hopped on the HHW train around week 40. After he killed “Takeover,” I was consciously looking out for a re-up of his product.

So before this even dropped on Skee, I had already began drafting a brief farewell. Much as I was impressed by his regular savage verse massacres, I saw this as an end to the Crooked era. I was about to doff my Kangol, spill some brew, turn my back and walk away…

Then I heard the concept behind this last 10 minute installment; a homage to all the greats that passed away, with the theme “Hip-Hop is not dead.” For a man as braggadocious as he, the choice of exit was as respectful and humble as the most critical of us would expect.

I decided not to wave goodbye just yet.

I could care less what anyone else thinks. Crooked I, you my good man, have won my respect. For showing tenacity that many lack, developing stamina many don’t culture over the lengthiest of careers, and for maintaining a level head all through it. You’ve shown potency and potential in a barren infertile wasteland of an industry.

This series, great as it is, is merely a platform and by no means an accreditation of any sorts. Crooked, you have our ears, and some of our hearts. Measure your next steps quite carefully, sir. You could fall off the stage as quickly as you got on it.

Crooked I – Hip-Hop Weekly #52

Added Bonus

Crooked I – Hip-Hop Weekly (Weeks 1 To 52)

Props to Sherm for the assist.

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