Drake Makes How Much Per Show?

02.16.10 8 years ago 31 Comments

As record sales keep slumping for bigger acts and concert money becomes more essential to funding artists’ lavish livelihoods, curiosity leads one to ponder how much our favorite acts pull in per show. Can reliable ticket-buyers cover a debut dud? Is a concert check worthy of the sleepless grind? Do bottles of Ace line the dressing room when Jay-Z comes into town? How about home-fried hookers when Uncle Luke makes the rounds? Well, with the exception of the last few, most questions regarding musicians’ incoming funds from shows can be resolved from a neat little website called Pretty Polly.

Found when checking dates for Heartbreak Drake’s upcoming college tour, the website of this full-service booking agency for college campuses casually lists prices and availability for almost any artist you can think of. Drizzy, for instance, will incur $75K-85K per during his upcoming Away From Home Tour. But he’s “hot,” though. An outdated (yet Grammy-award-winning) veteran such as Coolio only commends $20K, which is the same amount relative newcomer Asher Roth brings in and spends on beer afterwords.

There are even certain artists – like Rihanna, Green Day and Taylor Swift – who don’t have a set price, opting instead to flash the expletive listing of “Big $$$” to keep insignificant pocket-pinchers at bay. To a certain extent, these numbers tell a lot more about the popularity contest these artists are submerged in than any amount of radio spins or YouTube play-counter ever could.

If you feel like peeking on your favorite artist’s pocket-game for yourself, head over to Pretty Polly and peep the Artist Availability section. If you’re lazy and want to know now, here’s a map to the paper trail of a few familiar faces.

Akon – $75K

Brother Ali – $7.5K-11K

Flo Rida – $30K-40K

Juelz Santana – $25K – 30K

Keri Hilson – $25K-30K

KiD CuDi – $40K

Ludacris – $65K-80K

Lupe Fiasco – $40K-50K

Mike Posner – $5K-10K

Rick Ross – $30K

RJD2 – $8K

Snoop Dogg – $75K

T-Pain – $65K-75K

The Cool Kids – $10K

The Roots – $50-60K

I might have missed his listing but I heard Ja Rule charges $399.50, but that requires two red do-rags and extra relish packets for each of his meals.

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