First Look: “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” Trailer

08.14.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

As great as Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was, the best non-comic book medium for Batman remains in animation. Mask Of The Phantasm was superior to any live-action Batman movie made and you could make arguments for Under The Red Hood and the Batman Beyond movies also topping the list.

That’s why Bat-fans should be pumped that the best Batman comic of all time is getting the animated movie treatment in two parts. The Dark Knight Returns is centered around a 55-year-old Bruce Wayne pulled back into the cape and cowl. What results is an unforgettable psychoanalysis and kick-ass presentation of one of America’s best fictional creations.

While the Dark Knight Returns Batman made a quick cameo in the animated series, this is his first full-length and is only part one. This means we’ll have to wait before getting the final showdown with The Joker and Superman (the scene will change your life if you haven’t read it). For now, we’ll settle for the Batman vs. the Mutants saga that was still damn good.

Dark Knight Returns Part 1 drops September 25th.

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