Here’s Your Formal Introduction To LG’s Synth Sounds. You’re Welcome.

04.15.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Even with all of the many ways to come across music on the Internet, it’s still hard to top the old-fashioned method of going out and finding new music through word of mouth. When David D. went out and asked a bunch of people he respected in New Orleans who the next guy was, the first name on most people’s lists was LG. After getting around to giving the MC a listen, David passed his latest tape, Synth Sounds, along to the rest of the Crew and it was booming across the TSS e-offices while we started to really appreciate what LG was capable of. LG channels the most introspective of MCs while also projecting a swagger and lyrical dexterity that allows each of his points to hit home. And get this: buddy’s still in high school. Equipped with a keen ability to craft complete songs, LG’s ceiling is nonexistent.

Synth Sounds really struck Beware, Tins and David D. who chose their favorite three songs to highlight before letting you hear the full work yourselves.

“Let It Happen” (Prod. By Phil Good Musiq) — I’m a huge supporter of living carefree and creating memories that last a lifetime. I love cookouts. I love chopping it up with my people tossing back beers reminiscing on good times. I loved just riding around in my car getting lost in music before gas prices lost their ever-loving mind. Regardless of that, LG’s “Let It Happen” already has a place on the summer playlist. No, it won’t result in the “song of the summer” or even one that’ll land on the radio. Fact still remains, however, lil’ homie’s recliner-like flow hovered across this Phil Good Musiq instrumental with the end result projecting nothing but summer laziness. The hook was also fun to recite once I finally got it down, too.

One more thing. It’s a stretch given the fact this artist I’m about to name is probably still unaware of who LG is. But, if by the chance of blogs, social networking and God someone slid this record to Dom Kennedy, there isn’t a soul in the world with the ability to convince me otherwise he’d sound nothing short of spectacular here. – J. Tinsley

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All I Want Feat. Yung Nick (Produced By Juan) — Life is so much more fulfilling when you have someone to share it with. Whether it’s a female or crew who’s down for the cause, having a support system who keeps it real with you, your goals and vision is essential to maintaining a level head. This theme is evident throughout the ninth track on LG’s Synth Sounds, which is striking for someone so young. However, hearing the NO up and comer detail his support of that sentiment, but still confidently leave behind a shorty’s positive reinforcement for more studio freedom, you can tell he’ll be just fine riding on his own steam. – Beware

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Hands Up (Produced by Phil Good Musiq) — There’s just no way LG should be this good. His knack for introspection is far beyond his years and his ability to articulate these thoughts is just uncanny. Plus, LG’s chemistry with Phil Good Musiq just jumps off the page. This track begins the final chapter of Synth Sounds that shows a kid at his most honest, working hard and displaying a hunger that will land him among the stars. – David D.

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Download — LG – Synth Sounds

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