Medical Marijuana Commercials Are Coming To Your TV Starting Now

03.06.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

A company named claims to have made history. They’ve managed to work weed into mainstream media by placing their TV ad on major networks.

The new commercial from isn’t good. In fact, the one-minute ad’s awful and cheesy in a way that makes it unbelievable. But, believe it, it’s real, they’re advertising where to buy weed and it’s airing in New Jersey across multiple channels. Per Motherboard:

“The first weed commercial is slated to air on major networks, including A&E, Fox, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, and the History Channel. The minute-long spot is for MarijuanaDoctors, a company that connects medical marijuana patients with local doctors. The company does not ‘promote the casual or recreational use of marijuana or any other prescription medication,’ though, according to their website.

“‘The ad is airing in New Jersey, where medical marijuana has been legal since 2010. “Securing the airtime for our commercial on a major network was extremely difficult and at the same time, extremely satisfying,’ Jason Draizin, the founder and CEO of MarijuanaDoctors, said in a press release.”

Give it five years and the ads will become a regular occurrence. It’s then that one really smart weed dispensary will wise and tap Snoop or another rapper to coin a jingle for their commercial. The synergy’s been there waiting to happen for years so expect it to be structured into 360 deals soon.

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