Wizards Fans Hate LeBron (And Now, Me)

11.22.09 8 years ago 34 Comments

This past Wednesday night, my homie Vaughan and I were in attendance (upper deck, $10 student tickets) to watch King James and company take on the local NBA franchise, the Washington Wizards. Here’s five things I experienced and/or learned:

1. The people of D.C. HATE LeBron with a passion. Almost as if he is the reason for the small slice of hell known as “five o’clock traffic.”

2. The people of D.C. likely hate me now because I’m a fan of dude. I was called everything but the word that starts with a “N” and rhymes with “trigger.” Yeah, the one with “e-r” on the end, not “a.” When they found out I was Cowboys fan too, it got even uglier lol.

3. He gets booed every time he touches the ball, YET they go crazy whenever he attempts to tear the hoop off the backboard.

4. However, the people of D.C. do have a sense of humor. By far, the greatest sign all night was a “Give Gilbert his girl back, Shaq” sign. If you don’t know about that situation, just Google it. I’m sure it’s on Bossip or Media Takeout.

5. Watching the Cavs in person is 10x more frustrating than on TV. They really just give the ball to LeBron and run to the corners so he can play one-on-five.

Overall, it was a fun experience attending my first regular season pro game although “The James Gang” lost by damn near 20 points. I was just pissed I didn’t see a play like the armed robbery he committed on Monta Ellis the night before.

Yup, no fast break is safe these days.

Next game: Bucks @ Wizards to see the future rookie of the year, Brandon Jennings.

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