Flight Facilities Feat. Grovesnor – “With You” Video

05.16.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Certain songs strike a chord with me more than others. There’s just no other way to explain why I can turn down so many worthwhile dance tracks on the daily, then develop a crush on a subtle ditty like Flight Facilities’ “With You.” Maybe it’s that the latest single from this Australian production duo isn’t as bogged down with studio tricks as many of it’s contemporary counterparts.

Instead of the intense filter sweeps and overdone drops that leave you hanging on your seat for twenty minutes, this finger-snapping track is a quaint getaway from the fist-pumpers and judgmental females the dance floor tends to bring, which is fitting since the vocals from Grovesnor (a former drummer for Hot Chip) are about philandering on the down low. Or, shoot, maybe it’s that I just enjoy cutting a rug, but rarely have an outlet and a song about fleeing the scene to indulge subliminally happens to catch my attention.

Whatever the case may be, this stand-out from FF has definitely earned its spot in rotation and is only enhanced by the fitting Anime-style video that accompanies the tough love theme.

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