Flo Rida Feat. Billy Blue, Brisco & Tanu – “We Came Up”

01.18.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

There are five reasons I’m feeling Flo Rida’s new joint, “We Came Up.”

1. Despite being one of the most played artists of the past decade, Flo Rida still gets it in with the Poe Boys. I don’t know about nationwide notoriety, but with Flo spreading the wealth, this one should get spins in Florida up and through summer.

2. Full of marching, menacing lead synths and wailing plastic guitars, the beat could be the theme music from Beverly Hills Cop 4.

3. Rapper # 2, Billy Blue, sounds like a geeked up Juvenile, over-enunciating ad-libs like Macho Man‘s long-lost brother.

4. Flo Rida name drops Ponce de Leon. Son knows his state history.

5. The song allowed me to Ponce de Leon the picture above. “We Came Up” couldn’t be more appropriate.


Download — Flo Rida Feat. Billy Blue, Brisco & Tanu – “We Came Up”

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