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05.18.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

Giselle Tavarez

Florida Accidentally Makes Sex Illegal [TSJ]

Memphis Owner: “We’re Not Trading Rudy Gay” [Dime]

What Is Happening To Lady Gaga? [Best Week Ever]

Jim Jones Says His Label Forced Him To Put Out Album [TUD]

This Week In F**K You: Joint Facebook Accounts [KSK]

Why Tyler Perry Would Have Improved Jumping The Broom [Very Smart Brothas]

10 Oddest Sex Moments on Childrens Hospital [Adult Swim]

The 8 Ways Nas Can Get His Career Back [LiveAGL]

Biggie’s 10 Best Jamaican References [Large Up]

Supreme Court Says Cops Can Kick Your Door Down If They Smell Weed [Spizzy]

The Ten Most Powerful Women in Television [Adweek]

Young Jeezy, Polow Da Don Owe Thousands In Unpaid Studio Fees [HHDX]

After ‘Priest’: 5 Manga Hollywood Should Adapt [Moviefone]

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