Florida Man Gets 13 Years In Prison For Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pills

01.29.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

pfizer Cytotec

Today’s “Things You Should Never Do” story takes us to – where else? – Florida, where a man was convicted of tricking his girlfriend into taking pills to terminate her pregnancy.

In September 2013, John Andrew Welden, 29, agreed to a plea deal in which he admitted giving his girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, the drug Cytotec to induce an abortion. He was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison and ordered to pay her about $28,500 in restitution.

In a bid of trickery, Welden, the son of Florida fertility doctor, didn’t want to be a baby daddy to Lee’s child, so he forged his father’s signature on a prescription and plotted with a pharmacy employee to give his girlfriend Cytotec, a drug found to cause abortion, birth defects and premature death. After scratching off the label, he convinced his former lover that she had an infection and needed to take the antibiotic he claimed his father had prescribed. She miscarried within hours as a result.

Lee and Welden met in 2012 at a “gentlemen’s club” where she worked.

Let’s all promise ourselves right now to never visit Florida. Cool?

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