Florida Man Kills Friend Over Chicken Foot

02.19.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

james jugo mugshot

“No one deserves to die over a chicken foot.”

In Florida news, a man killed his best friend over an argument over chicken feet.

James Jugo – who had been arrested for cocaine possession in the past – attacked his buddy Benjamin Cooper, beating Cooper to death after the latter stole some food off the former’s cooking pan.

“Cops claim that the pair first began bickering Friday morning when Jugo plucked the bird’s foot from the skillet and former security guard Calderon became angry.

“The argument resumed later in the day, which is when police say it turned physical, the Tampa Bay Times reports. It’s currently unclear exactly how the victim died, but an autopsy has revealed he suffered internal bleeding from repeated blows to the face and neck.

He reportedly confessed to the crime during questioning. After being booked Saturday, he was being held in jail on $15,000 bail.”

Would an “boy, we’ve all been there before” joke be funny? Maybe we can laugh at the fact that the homicide occurred over chicken feet? Or is this one of those stories that makes you laugh on its own merits, because nothing is sacred anymore? Probably that. Probably the last one.

Photo: Tampa Police Department

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