Florida Woman Bites Teen Daughter’s Breast During Fight Over Money

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08.06.13 16 Comments

A Florida woman’s been charged with child abuse after allegedly biting her daughter’s nipple during a dispute about collecting social security benefits.

Investigators say 38-year-old Joy Young got into it with daughter Diamond LaCrystal Simmons, 16, about who should be collecting social security for Simmons’ two-month-old son. Simmons felt as parent of the baby, she should get the money while Young disagreed, feeling that she should get the money because Simmons was never around to take care of the newborn.

According to Simmons, the argument’s escalation resulted in her mother scratching her in the face multiple times and biting her right nipple, causing the skin to tear open and bleed. An officer responding to a 911 call reported the teen mom as having “visible scratches on her face with fresh blood.” The officer also noted “a large blood stain on her shirt” and that Simmons was complaining of pain in her breast where she said her mother bit her.

Young was arrested, charged with child abuse, booked into into the Indian River County jail and was later freed on her own recognizance. Her arraignment been set for August 20.

Photo: Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

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