Flowmotion: 33 Rapid-Fire Rap Songs

08.11.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

No matter how many MCs submit music to the masses on the regular, certain skills can separate the masters from the morsels in an instant. One of the more clearly defined of those traits is the ability to recite words with both speed and precision. For a little over two decades, the double-time flow has taken the old school Kurtis Blow rhyming to new heights with added syllabic excellence and is now a clear indicator of who can turn it up a notch and who can’t. In honor of those poets who’ve chosen enriched rhyme-patterns instead of your everyday average delivery, here are 33 rapid-fire rap songs that will appease your attention deficit and give your brain the mental workout its desperately been in need of.

Remember, speed is not a necessity to greatness…it just makes you that much more impressive.

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