Floyd Mayweather Makes The Perfect Suggestion For What 50 Cent Can Do With His $750K

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09.04.14 25 Comments
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Media Workout

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For all of the back and forth between them, a lot really pointless remarks have been made by both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent. The verbal sparring in public has been drawn out by the media and that’s probably to the delight of both the fighter and the rapper because it’s promo for Mayweather’s rematch with Marcos Maidana and 50’s continued push with the G-Unit reunion. At this point, I’m assuming it’s all been manufactured from the mind of 50 since he’s pulled similar stunts before, word to his album sales showdown beef with Kanye years ago.

However, there’s no question how true and accurate Floyd words may be regarding what 50 can do with that $750K wager on whether the champ can read or not. In a talk with Yahoo during a recent training session, Mayweather dropped a gem.

“I was thinking of something, you know, when you asked me about 50 Cent. If you want to donate money, donate money to the Mike Brown family,” Mayweather said. “I shouldn’t stop you. Our company, me and Leonard [Ellerbee], we have been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to different organizations for years without any media, without getting credit. … The best thing for 50 Cent to do, and there are no hard feelings, is to give that $750,000 to Mike Brown’s family.”

It’s a difficult world for minorities, and Mayweather knows that all too well. He sympathizes with the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., who are not only protesting the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, but also of the circumstances of their lives.

“It was a very, very bad situation, the Ferguson thing,” said Mayweather, who’ll meet Marcos Maidana in a rematch for the WBC welterweight and super welterweight titles at the MGM Grand Garden on Sept. 13. “I like to sit down and talk and communicate with my kids on a regular basis, about being fair, etiquette, honesty. Because as I was saying before, it’s a very, very bad situation.”

Your move, Boo Boo.


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