Floyd Mayweather Jr. Apologizes For His Comments On The NFL And Ray Rice

09.11.14 3 years ago 28 Comments


In a shocking turn of events, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back in the news and he’s apologizing this time again. Not to T.I. or Tiny, but rather for his statements regarding Ray Rice and the NFL’s decision to ignore their original two-game suspension when they booted the former Super Bowl champion out indefinitely.

“I was just getting word from people that there was a video out there. I didn’t know because I’m training for a fight,” Mayweather said. “If I offended anyone, I apologize. I apologize to the NFL. I strive to be a perfectionist but no one is perfect. I don’t condone what happened.”

SMH. Of course Floyd saw the video, or at least that’s what his previous comments suggested. Everyone’s seen the damn video by now.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard tried to deflect some of the criticism off Floyd by urging “haters” fall back and further stating, “This is the reason boxing hasn’t crossed over to be like the NFL and the NBA. You have a guy like this who you will never see again and you try to tear him down.” Except, this isn’t as much trying to tear him down as it is Floyd laying out the tools to do so.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate who may or may not have attempted to sweep one of its biggest controversies in league history under the rug. They’re not the victims. If Floyd’s going to apologize, apologize to the ones truly hurt by this. It’s Janay Rice’s name that’s being plastered on every media outlet across the country, many often antagonizing her for sticking beside her husband.

And champ, let me have a heart-to-heart with you for a second as one of the few remaining people who still want to see you remain undefeated (in the ring). Please, if it doesn’t involve Maidana, Pacquiao, boxing or flaunting money-related, please, and I mean this with all due respect, shut the f*** up. You’re not doing yourself any favors. Especially when commenting on a situation when you apparently weren’t aware of all the facts.

“I don’t read this stuff. I can’t read, remember? Not unless I got those 70 teleprompters lined up.” And before that, he said, “Bad press, good press, bad stories, good stories, it doesn’t really matter what you write about me,” Floyd said. “Just write about me.”

Mission accomplished.


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