Floyd Mayweather’s Expected Maidana Pay Day Is Spectacular And Depressing

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If nothing else, we know two things about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He’s in the discussion for the most dominant athletes of all-time. And he’s never been bashful about flaunting his wealth.

As in the case with anything Mayweather-related in the ring, a healthy pay day is normally the end result. “The Best Ever” took to social media breaking down his estimated take-home earnings from his tussle with Marcos Maidana this past weekend. The figure is as gaudy as they come, yet it doesn’t eclipse his $80M from the dismantling of Canelo Alvarez last September.

Thirty-two million for a little more than a half hour of work. Thirty. Two. Million. Math was never my strongest subject in school, but that’s $150M in his last two fights. The Money Team, for real.*

Update: Adding in Floyd’s breakdown, which is, of course, Floyd’s breakdown so take it with a grain of salt.

* – If Floyd’s looking for a new social media coordinator – because it’s common knowledge he doesn’t operate that himself – I’m his guy. Can’t be having anymore slip ups like this.

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