Floyd Mayweather Basically Made A Sh*tload Of Money Per Round In His Last Fight

07.03.13 5 years ago 8 Comments


Remember when people became so enraged that Floyd Mayweather spent $2M of his own earnings on a stretch armored truck he took to King of Diamonds?* Well, just know, that was less than what he earned per round during his last fight against Robert Guerrero. As apart of Forbes’ Big Data Breakdown, the leader of the Money Team went under the financial microscope with discoveries that’ll likely have everyone checking their bank account with the Ray Allen face.

Even more baffling? These numbers are likely going to skyrocket after his next fight September 14 versus Canelo Alvarez.

Bonus: Floyd joins his fellow Michigan native Jalen Rose where the two discuss the aforementioned Alvarez fight, being boxing’s #1 villain, why the Pacquiao fight never materialized and a slew of other topics. It’s definitely worth the 15 minutes if there’s nothing to do around the office.

* – I got into an debate not too long ago at the barbershop about this topic. Guy says Floyd should’ve used that money for charities or a “better cause.” I ask him when is the last time he donated to a charity, volunteered to feed the homeless or clean up the local park near his neighborhood. His response? Nothing. Exactly. Using the moral high horse stance only when it’s convenient to belittle another person is corny. Not just for Floyd or anyone of these insanely rich bastards, but anyone.

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