This Audio Clip Of Floyd Mayweather Struggling To Read Is Cringeworthy

Life Writer
08.22.14 133 Comments

So after 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to a “read-off” because, according to Fif, Floyd can’t read worth a damn, the New York City-based morning show, The Breakfast Club, dug up audio of The Champ attempting to read.

Of course it was Charlamagne Tha God who pulled up the unedited audio clip of Floyd struggling to read the simple, two-sentence drop that would’ve normally taken the average person 10 seconds to read. We know this because DJ Envy timed Charlamagne reading the short script before playing the cringeworthy clip.

The script:

“I’m Floyd Mayweather and I’ve joined IHeartRadio for the Show Your Stripes movement to support the hiring of vets. Go to, a website that connects veterans with employees and helps businesses find candidates with the best training.”

I’ve got no comment because, according to Internet logic, Floyd has more money than me which means I can’t say anything about him.

Update: Floyd says he can read. Or at least his publicist can as a statement has been issued on the boxer’s behalf. Check it out here.

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