Floyd Mayweather Talks 50 Cent, Ronda Rousey’s Hype, Oscar De La Hoya’s Jealousy, And More With DJ Whoo Kid

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At the moment, the world’s greatest boxer is retired, and from the look of it that appears to be his permanent state. Floyd Mayweather Jr. called into DJ Whoo Kid’s The Whoolywood Shuffle to touch on various subjects of the moment and was adamant throughout, constantly saying “I’m not really thinking about fighting inside of the ring. Only thing I want to do is help fighters on the outside.”

But Whoo Kid was able to coax several nuggets out of Money Mayweather in the 12 minute interview, including Floyd announcing Adrien Broner’s next fight while discussing his relationship with his frienemy.

“My fighter Ashley (Theophane) is from the UK…him and Adrien Broner is fighting in Atlanta,” Floyd said, marking the first bit of confirmation between the two. “We doing a big show in ATL at the end of January. Ashley and Adrien will be fighting for the title.” Ashley is, of course, the fighter Broner said he would “bring the girl out of… like Bruce Jenner.”

Floyd also took the time to call his press rival Ronda Rousey a product of hype with a backhanded compliment of sorts. “I think Ronda Rousey, before she lost the fight, she was 11-0 or 12-0. I don’t really know, I think it was the media. You know, sometimes the people around you can gas you up and be a bad influence.” Don’t worry though, because Floyd also doesn’t “have anything negative to say about Ronda Rousey. I commend her for going out there and doing what she did in MMA.”

Floyd also filled time with many Floyd-isms like saying combat sports were “just like being a cop: one shot can end your career.” He also busted out one of his favorite sayings when he called his new buddy Holly Holm “a hell of a fighter.”

Floyd then took some time to discuss yet another person he doesn’t seem to get along with – Oscar De La Hoya, saying Oscar’s problems with him were all “drugs and jealousy.” Of course, he then noted, “I wish him nothing but the best” before reiterating “I’m just saying the reason he’s probably going after me it could be because of the drugs, because of the jealousy. That comes with the territory…jealousy comes with the territory. I understand.”

Lastly, Mayweather talked about his BFF 50 Cent, because duh Whoo Kid would want to talk about 50. Floyd pointed out the obvious by saying “one thing 50 Cent knows how to do is stir up the pot. He specializes in stirring up the pot.” Eventually, Whoo Kid mentioned that if Floyd did decide to lace the gloves up once more Curtis would be the perfect person to walk him to the ring as he goes for a 50-0 record. “I know 50 wanna see 50-0, but, as of right now, I’m just focused on outside of the ring.”

Check out the whole interview above, which is sure to delight not only the most devout Floyd followers, but the “haters” as well.

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