Floyd Mayweather Just Reignited His Beef With T.I. In The Worst Way Possible

07.19.14 3 years ago 44 Comments

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That Floyd Mayweather/T.I. beef over Tip’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is back on.

Going by who you believe, the two either came to blows or nearly came to blows at a Las Vegas Fatburger two months ago, when T.I. confronted the champion boxer over an alleged sexual relationship with Tiny. Floyd denied Tip’s accusations, claiming married women were off limits and that Tiny was “just the homie.”

That was then, this is now.

During a press conference Friday night for his second fight with Marcos Maidana, Floyd publicly humiliated T.I. (again) by calling him a bitch and admitting that contrary to what he said in the past, he was indeed “f***in’ Tip’s b****.”

Could Floyd have been lying on his paynus to hype the fight? Is he still butthurt over Tiny curving him at the BET Awards last month? At this point, does it really matter? T.I.’s probably somewhere trying to holla at any and every connect who’s stupid enough to supply him with a “massive arsenal of weapons.” Like he told us shortly after the Memorial Day brawl, he’ll do life in prison for his family.

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UPDATE #2: T.I.’s Surprising Response To Floyd Mayweather’s “F*ckin’ His B*tch” Comments

UPDATE #1: Floyd claims he was misquoted.

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