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03.21.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

When it comes to digging, I’m a little jealous of this new generation. It’s quite easy to just get on a search engine, type in the desired cut and poof – your sample is revealed. Now I’m not a record snob. There are many samples I get stumped on too and I’ve found myself getting on the net to answer those quandaries. But there are thousands upon thousands of songs to go through. How then does a padawan graduate to Jedi status in the sample game? My best advice would have to be simply music appreciation.

Once again the homie Darien Victor Birks – the man who differentiates mix from mix-tape – brings another primer to those who like to hear the originals to familiar old treats. Now if you want to reach DJ Muro or Ken Sport status – you need to put your work in. For now you can groove to another Flwrpt mix that you can light one up to.

1. Tom Brock – There Is Nothing In This World/(Jay-Z – Girls, Girls, Girls)
2. Little Beaver – Get Into The Party Life/(Jay-Z – Party Life)
3. Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You/(Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang)
4.Willie Hutch – Tell Me Why Our Love Turned Cold/(Three-6-Mafia – Stay Fly)
5. Barry White – Ecstasy When You’re Next To Me/(Mary J. Blige – You Bring Me Joy)
6. The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman?/(Beyonce – Crazy Right Now)
7. Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa/(Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got)
8. Billy Brooks – Forty Days/(Tribe Called Quest – Luck Of Lucien)
9. Dynasty – Adventures In The Land Of Music/(Camp Lo – Luchini)
10. Grace Jones – Night Clubbing/(Shyne – Bad Boys)
11. Brenda Russell – A Little Bit Of Love/(Big Punisher – Still Not A Player)
12. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You/(Fu-Schnickens – Heavenly Father)
13. The Inspirations – Why Marry?/(Raekwon – Criminology)
14. Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions/(Raekwon – Criminology)
15. Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa/(Jay –Z – Face Off)
16. Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin’/(Snoop Dogg – G’z and Hustlaz)
17. Kool & the Gang – Hollywood Swingin’/(Mase – Feel So Good)
18. Annie – It’s the Hard Knock Life/(Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life)
19. Isaac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby/(Geto Boyz – My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me)
20. Kool & the Gang – Soul Vibrations/(Tribe Called Quest – Scenario Remix)
21. Ohio Players – Ecstasy/(Jay-Z – Brooklyn’s Finest)
22. MFSB – Something for Nothing/(Jay-Z – What More Can I Say?)
23. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff/(J Dilla – Keep Crushin’)
24. Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew/(Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation)
25. Ecstacy, Passion & Pain – Born To Lose You/(Mobb Deep – The Realest)
26. Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You/(Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out)
27. The Gaturs – Concentrate/(Puff Daddy – Do You Know?)
28. Labi Siffre – I Got The…Pt.1/(Jay-Z – Streets Is Watchin’)
29. Labi Siffre – I Got The…Pt.2/(Eminem – My Name Is)
30. The Doors – Five to One/(Jay-Z – Takeover)
31. Stereolab – Come And Play In The Milky Night/(Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got)
32. David McCallum – The Edge/(Dr.Dre – The Next Episode)
33. David Axelrod – Holy Thursday/(Lil’ Wayne – Dr. Carter)
34. Little Boy Blues – Seed Of Love/(Jay-Z – P.S.A.)
35. Black Widow – An Afterthought/(Madlib – Outerlimit)
36. Blowfly – Outro/(Jurassic 5 – Quality Control)


Flwrpt Presents “Sample Food,” mixed by Darien Victor Birks

Download — Flwrpt Presents Darien Victor Birks – Sample Food Mix


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