Fly Union Feat. Dom Kennedy – “Like That” Video

02.07.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Valentine’s Day always brings an excessive amount of love and bitterness. For those in touch with the former and those who simply enjoy dope rap music, this here is for you. The progression of the Internet and instaneous music videos all but eliminate the “window of opportunity” to create a visual for a record. Take for example Fly Union’s Jerreau and Dom Kennedy’s bluesy and baby skin smooth “Like That.”

Released close to a year ago, the music still sounds as fresh as it did when we first were blessed with its presence. It’s difficult to tackle the subject of love and relationships in Hip-Hop without sound overly corny or cheesy. Yet, J and Dom manage to do so and the accompanying visuals help bring those deep rooted emotions to life. If this was on your playlist for V-Day 2K10, keep it consistent and let these two keep the mood mellow, drinks flowing and love kindled.

Speaking of Leimert Park’s finest, From The Westside With Love 2 cannot get here quick enough.

Respect: Lowkey

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