Flying Lotus Feat. Blu – “GNG BNG”

04.07.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

J.Kim got up extra early (or maybe he stayed up dumb late considering he’s on Pacific time) to send out this remix of Flying Lotus’ “GNG BNG” featuring Blu. It’s hard to make it any plainer or reiterate it any further: Blu is just a lyricist’s lyricist. For this one, he did listener’s a favor by transcribing and posting his lyrics on his MySpace. Read’em & reap.


Flying Lotus Feat. Blu – “GNG BNG” (MeMix)

Bonus — This was in yesterday’s Loosies but I got a feeling it slid past the eyes of most. Blu hopped on Exile’s “Love Line” instrumental and created this gem.

Exile Feat. Blu – “LoveLine(s),DedicatedToLastFe’vrier”

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