Food For Thought: Conversations With Ice Cube On BET

07.11.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

A few weeks ago, a random appearance of an Ice Cube track brought a revitalized euphoria in many longtime fans but also shed light on the fact that since the explosion of online media, O’Shea Jackson has become less known for his musical achievements and more for his Hollywood endeavors. To many, Ice Cube ranks high on the all-time MC chart, which should go without question. But to several others, figuring out how this full-time actor, part-time rapper is truly a legendary has been a challenge, which is understandable as well.

For the malnutritioned Hip-Hop fan, Harry Allen, Stephen A. Smith and Angie Martinez sit down with the [former] gangsta for brunch and speak about his legacy in an engaging conversation that puts his career into perspective from his first encounter with John Singleton (Boyz In The Hood jumpstarted his Hollywood days) to addressing those who claim he’s softened his stance on being militant.

Don’t forget about I Am The West, either.

Respect: Yardie

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