For The Free: iSamJackson iPhone Covers

02.11.10 8 years ago 94 Comments

To all you Jules Winnfield types, here’s your chance to show the world you’re the baddest, lowdown mofo in your Apple store with a cover for your iPhone that speaks almost louder than Samuel L. Jackson.

Heatweat Interactive was so kind enough to give us TEN of these bad boys to keep your iPhone warm this winter. As always, the contest is easy. Simply leave a comment with a working email and we’ll take it from there. These limited edition covers go in conjuction with one of the most explicit apps of all time: iSamJackson. Imagine the ability to channel your inner-Black Snake Moan whenever you deem necessary (clean versions are also available.)

Download the iSamjackson app for only $.99 at And just in the time for Valentine’s Day, there’s some new pick-up lines added that’s sure to woo all the sophisticated women.

Fine print: Only bad motherfucking U.S. Residents need apply. Overseas shipping cost too motherfucking much.

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