For The Free! Week Four: TSS x Stuff

12.30.08 9 years ago 302 Comments

Week One is done. Same for Week Two as the Karmaloop money has been spent. The winner for Week Three has been emailed so that one is pretty much done as well.

So that brings us all to this, Week Four.

And believe, we saved the best (or at least the most) for last.

Tees from the homies @ Hoodman, including the ones cats were raving over from the Eddie Huang interview.

And, tees from Mighty Healthy.

Those are Rick Ross tees from the good people @ Slip-N-Slide. True story: The very fucking day after the whole “Officer Rawse” fiasco shit hit the fan, a huge box of promo tees & CD’s landed @ my doorstep. Bittersweet of sorts because the shirts are actually pretty fuckin’ nice. Figured now’s a good time to pass these along.

More goodies, courtesy of the good folks @ Audible Treats, consisting of signed CD’s from Black Milk, Keak Da Sneek & San Quinn’s Word Pimpin II, Junk Science, Iller Than Theirs, etc.

Also some caps from Leaders, a copy of the Del the Funky Homosapien’s Eleventh Hour DVD, Freddie Foxxx’s Crazy Like A Foxxx, The MeterMaids’ Nightlife, and Shaya’s Fallen Awake. Also we threw in autographed copies of Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom Vol 1. and K’naan’s Dusty Foot Philosopher. Tees from Delicious Vinyl, stickers, and probably other shit I’m forgetting. In other words, AT laced you folks.

And to cap it all off, here’s a handful of CD’s & video games that will be spread among the winners.

Is that enough to pique your interests?


We’ll be picking THREE (tres, trois, 1+1+1) winners to receive a big box of shit free stuff @ their doorstep.

The usual entry process: Free shit just by leaving a comment.

Please comment WITH a working email addy and you’re in. That’s it. We’ll run this joint for a few days, then magically pick a few winners. Fin.

Respect Our Fresh!

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