Former TV Writer Gets Mad, Punches And Kills Poodle

06.20.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

Some times we get mad and punch sh*t. Typically, this “sh*t” includes walls, couches, younger brothers and/or inconveniently placed glassware.

Apparently, 51-year-old, former NYPD Blue writer Ted Shuttleworth punches dogs when he’s agitated, as he did on May 29 when his fist struck his poodle’s face like Chris Brown’s barehand across Drake’s unsuspecting cheek. The blow killed the 4-pound poodle from brain injury, which (believe it or not) could result in a year of prison for Shuttleworth.

His wife called it a “horrible accident” and Shuttlesworth will probably try to keep his Mark Ruffalo-Hulk-like spurts of pissiness on a low simmer next time. Let’s hope so, or else your adorable Shih-Poo, Louie, could be next.

Source: New York Post

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