Bleek Is Still One Hit Away

05.19.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

There was a point in time when damn near anything Memphis Bleek-related would garner the most distasteful hate I could spawn. Since then, I’ve matured and, while I’ll never be a fan of the guy, I’ve learned to live with the thought of Bleek making music. He’s like Tex Winter to Jay-Z’s Phil Jackson – the ultimate homeboy who was there for the entire ride and never once complained. In an industry where friendships are fickle and beef is common, Bleek stayed down.

Anyway, Memph is well at work in the studio prepping for summer release of The Process. No clue if that’s an album, EP or mixtape but then again nowadays they’re all one in the same. I also have no clue what these four random freestyles will be featured on either.

Ah well…

Memphis Bleek – “Steady Mobbin'” | Download

Memphis Bleek – “Calico” | Download

Memphis Bleek – “That’s Life” | Download

Memphis Bleek – “Last Night” | Download

H/T: YK2

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