Piece Of Sh*t Fox Anchor Pokes Fun At Six People Being Shot With ‘Breaking Bad’ Reference

Life Writer
10.07.13 12 Comments

This is what happens when a news anchor wants to be down with the Internet’s overall Negative Nancy approach to everything and its love affair with Breaking Bad.

Fox 29 Philly news anchor Joyce Evans made an ass out of herself on Twitter last night when she tried to serve up the lulz with a not-so-lulzy tweet.

I especially love the “Tonite at Ten!” part. The whole tweet was just so full of excitement and enthusiasm that I couldn’t even wait till 10pm to find out who “broke bad.” I had to know ASAP so I ended up spoiling it for myself. Don’t you hate when that happens?

In an attempt to cover up her sociopathiness, Joyce followed up her attention whoring tweet with another:

No word on what punishments Fox 29 will dole out to the anchor but I hope it’s nothing too severe. I’m already anticipating her “Better call Saul!” Find out who raped and killed a grandmother! – Tonite at Ten!” tweet. Ooooh, excitement!

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