Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Will Feature Bruce Wayne After All

01.15.14 4 years ago 10 Comments


What was originally announced to be a Law & Order style series focusing on a young-ish Detective Jim Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department (with appearances by an pre-pubescent Bruce Wayne), reports have come in that Fox’s upcoming Gotham series will instead concentrate on a young Bruce Wayne as he comes of age (and badassery) in the years after his parents’ death.

Fox’s chairman, Kevin Reilly, teased some interesting tidbits about the fast-tracked series – Fox ordered the show without ever seeing a pilot – at a Television Critics Association media event. Of this information, the juiciest would be that the series would, ideally, cover the life of Bruce Wayne from age 12 up till he puts on the cape and cowl and will have early appearances, as well as explore the origins, of some of Batman’s biggest rogues.

This information comes in as DC’s Arrow continues to gain steam and they prepare a pilot for the Flash (FANBOY SCREAM!!!). It looks like DC is trying to solidify their grip on the small screen as they ramp up their movies to the big.

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