Foxy Brown’s “Mooning” Case Dropped, Plans To Sue For $100M

07.14.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

After beating her most recent court case on Tuesday, July 12th, Foxy Brown has plans to sue the city for $100M, accusing the city’s DA of malicious prosecution. The Brooklyn Supreme Court dropped mooning charges (yes, mooning) after the plaintiff, Arlene Raymond, refused to testify. With the lack of evidence, Justice John Walsh let Brown skate. As a result, Brown’s lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo revealed their plans to sue the city for f*ckin’ with Foxy Boog.

Even though she’s no stranger to trouble, Inga proclaimed her innocence the whole time with this incident, proclaiming it to be rooted in “jealousy.” If the plantiff had testified, Fox’s lawyers had a unique plan in mind to thwart the witness’ accusations. According to the NYPost, Strazzullo knew that Raymond was lying about the July 2010 incident because she said Foxy was wearing underwear. Strazzullo said “Our big ace in the hole is she [Foxy] wasn’t wearing any underwear.”

Stay classy, Foxy.

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