First Look: Frank Ocean Unveils “Channel Orange” Album Cover, Plus John Mayer, Andre 3000 Features

06.23.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Anybody looking forward to July 17th? If not, Frank Ocean’s giving good reasons to circle the date with his Channel Orange project set to drop. With the release of the album cover and tracklisting, we don’t get a huge reveal (early reviews say it’s delectable) but there’s confirmation the tracks “Thinking About You” and “Pyramids” both show up. The most intriguing aspect here’s clearly the features which are minimal, but of a rarer breed when you consider Ocean lined up his recently returned OFWGKTA brethren Earl and two even bigger surprises: John Mayer on “White” and Andre 3000 on “Pink Matter.” Rare indeed, yet we know birds of a feather flock together so Frank’s keeping good company.

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