Freddie Gibbs And YP – “Something New” Video

02.11.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Quick question. What’s funnier: the fact these young women appear blind to the fact this song is about new p*ssy or the impeccable timing by all parties involved to release this video some 72 hours before Valentine’s Day? That’s irony at its finest and most derogatory moment, ladies and gents. About the song, however, “Something New” has been on steady rotation since it dropped last year and not because it conjured memories of that old Dr. Dre track. Now behind Ruby Hornet’s directorial tutelage, YP and Midwest Freddie bring their vision of new women to life and the only missing is a Pimp C cameo in a thick ass mink.

I was thinking the other day though, this is by far one of my favorite songs from Freddie and that’s saying something.

“I’m so pimpish, I can’t keep no bitches
Cause brand new pussy the greatest thing the good Lord invented
Straight sooped up, super spoke, candy coat bitch you know I’m in it
Don’t work no job cause I live off dollars
These hoes’ll spend it
Straight Midwest pimpin’
My heart frigid as February
It’s wrong, but it’s necessary
To fuck your valentine
Straight break her spine
Didn’t know boo was married.”

It’s my own personal Notable Quotable.

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