Freddie Gibbs & Boldie James “Boat Races” + Ab-Soul, Smoke DZA & Da$h “Money Team”

04.21.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Larry Fisherman (or Mac Miller, if you prefer) gets behind the boards again for two tracks featured on S.H.O.WTIME (Super High Off Wax Time), a project headed by Mac’s DJ Clockwork and TreeJay that’s dubbed as the “official 4/20 mixtape.” As a result, we get “Boat Races,” featuring Midwesterners Boldy and Freddie, and “Money Team” with Soulo, DZA and Da$h.

Download the full mixtape here or stream it.

Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs – “Boat Races”

Ab-Soul, Smoke DZA & Da$h – “Money Team”

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