Freddie Gibbs & The Interview Of A Thousand Quotables, Part 2

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Not too long ago, Tins stumbled upon a golden Freddie Gibbs interview with Complex that featured the Gary emcee speaking his mind and not censoring a single thought. The end result? Ten of the most entertaining non-porn minutes you’ll spend in front of your shiny computer screen. Gibbs is as unfiltered as they come with an uncanny knack for making you laugh while leaving you still a little too scared to bust out into a full guffaw. Following his previous, unforgettable interview, it was only a matter of time before some genius decides to give the man his own web show or advice column for him to sound off on a semi-regular basis.

Here are a few choice quotes from the unforgettable interview.

On the best Hip-Hop album from the Midwest

“In my opinion, I really don’t give a fuck how anybody else feel. They might say some other shit, some n*gga with some tight jeans on or some shit. But my favorite Midwest album is probably East 1999, Bone Thugs. That’s probably the best album from the Midwest, especially on some gangsta shit. To me that’s the best, East 1999. And you know what, don’t sleep on Creepin’ On A Come Up, it was short, but it was classic. Things of that nature. I don’t think enough n*ggas speak on guys like that in the game. They riding all these other n*ggas’ dicks and they don’t really put down and pay homage to what got us all here.”

On The Favorite Verse He’s Ever Written

“They like my babies. Yo momma can’t say she got a favorite child…I don’t believe in robbing you for your money when it comes to music. I’ll take your sh*t if I’m hungry or some sh*it like that but I’m not going to f*ck you over or f*ck you around when it comes to music. I’m gonna give you the best quality that I can give you. And I think my fans deserve that. You been getting f*cked around and robbed for your money on iTunes and in the record store from these n*ggas in the last five to ten years. You been getting f*cked around. So you know, I just want to give you some quality, some real gangsta rap. That’s why I did the Cold Day In Hell shit for free. How many n*ggas can give you that? My sh*t colder than a lot of them n*ggas that sold you their shit. And you still went out and bought that dumb shit. You was dumb. Come on.”

On The Cops

“If you motherf**kin’ police with a police ass mentality I think you a b*tch ass n*gga. You just trying to bring a maf*cka down. You got some police n*ggas, community service is what I like to call them. The maf*ckas you pay your tax money for to keep the block safe and keep cats out of trees and sh*t like that. Those are community service….Shouts out to community service, keeping cats out of trees and sh*t like that. You flat foot, gum shoe maf*ckas man. Go to the donut shop man.”

There’s a lot more where that came from. Peep the full interview below. Fred should try doing his next Q&A session with a muzzle over his face and see if that would help him speak with a little more discretion. On second thought, not even Costco can make a warranty expansive enough to cover it being shredded into tatters after Gibbs spits out a few rounds of lethal hollow tips.

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