Moscow’s F*ckin’ With Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

10.31.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Photos/Video: Vladimir Lambo

Growing up, I remember watching my Smoke Fest VHS and really admiring how cats like Warren G and Snoop could rock packed shows in Japan and break language barriers while using the universal language of music. Now, as the predominant genre and despite everything else in the industry flip-flopping, one thing that’s unchanged is foreign fans’ respect for authentic American talent. It’s no more evident than while watching Freddie Gibbs give his all at packed show in the capital of Russia.

With Madlib behind the boards, watch below as the CTE under-boss covers an array of songs that span five mixtapes – doing everything from “What It Be Like” to “B.A.N.ned” – and take in how the crowd feeds into Fred’s energy. When the masses start clapping during the aforementioned Miseducation single, Gibbs clearly gets extra amped and subsequently delivers a better show as a result. Unfortunately, that type of give and take crowd participation seems rare in the US. Maybe we can take something away from watching our Soviet comrades here, as they snatch the opportunity to see quality street music live and soak up the show as an experience instead of watching their phones for the next social media update.

If you want start the precedent here in the States, catch Fred at upcoming shows in Bloomington (Nov. 1), Chicago (Nov. 2) and Iowa City (Nov. 3). For details, hit up his official site.

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